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Online shopping essay firsrt draft

double space

 I prefer online shopping

Argumanarive essay 



-Background information


2)Develope your argument

a) Make a Claim 1

1-Evidence 1a

-Evidence 1b

-Evidence 1c

B) Make a Claim 2

1-Evidence 2a

-Evidence 2b

-Evidence 2c

C) Make a Claim 3

1-Evidence 3a

-Evidence 3b

-Evidence 3c

3) Refuting opponents argument 

-opposing view 1

rfuting 1

Opposing view 2

refuting 2

4) Conclutsion

restate the importance of your issue

paint a picture of the world depecting what would happen if your argument is not implemented 

The topics please

Iprefer online shopping

-It is easier to find more new collections 

– esier to know the prices and compare it to other store some times the sale and discount is just online

-you can get what ever you want while you are on your sofa

-variety of things  

(This is a first draft essay( online shopping) is the topic

double space please)

start with online shopping scholarly  statistics in saudi arabia or middle east

please write the outline and the hook, thesis ,Topic senyences on seperate paper 


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